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  • How does it work?

    With the App, you can to buy or sell access to the Internet to the people near you at any time.

    For instance, if someone else in your bus from the airport to the hotel has installed ByBit, you can pay that person to use part of his/her data access! This saves the user a lot of money (remember the last time your roamed?). On the other hand, the person who let go a bit of data got richer by the end of the ride!

    In the backend, we use various Blockchains and Linux system stack.

  • Is it safe?

    Two elements must be taken into consideration:

    1. Is the payment safe? We answer to that question by saying that it is as safe as the blockchain... that is, it is extremely safe.
    2. What happens if your customer uses the Internet for reprehensible things? Internet traffic is associated to the client's identity. Thence, your own responsibility is never engaged.
  • Can anyone use the app?

    At the moment, anyone with an Android phone can use the phone. No IOS application is scheduled before next year unfortunately.

  • How did the idea come about?

    The idea comes from a disagreement with the current practices by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecommunication Companies (TelCos), and our perception of the potential of the Blockchain.

  • Are you hiring?

    We are looking for passionate product managers and talented mobile app developper or blockchain experts.

    Is it you? Apply at careers

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