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What we do and why you care

Money from excess data

Ever felt like your unlimited Internet access plan offers more than what you actually consume? BYTES enables you to sell to other users what you don't use.

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IOT Infastructure

We are shifting to a world of inter-connected objects. Cars, home appliances, will need access to the Internet. The current paradigm needs to evolve to a Machine to Machine (M2M) Internet Access Market.

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Cheap(er) Internet access

Ever felt like roaming while travelling is a tad too expensive? BYTES enables you to roam at a fraction of what you paid so far. And this, potentially anywhere.

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Why everyone should do it

A market in which people can sell/buy one another access to the Internet can overcome today's status quo.
Trade access to internet

Adapt supply to demand:

A P2P market gives consumers the incentive to become Individual ISPs (IISPs). This addresses the problem of contention of public Wi-Fi points at peak time, since larger crowds come with more sellers, not just more demand.

Move supply with demand:

It also motivates users to surrender some of their hand-held devices’ battery life and use these as mobile routers. Why not use the hotspot created by a fellow traveller, instead of trying to hop across networks during the entire bus ride?

Increase coverage:

Replacing proprietary solutions by an open protocol tackles the problem of fragmented, mutually exclusive, offerings. It allows any third party client app to interact with the protocol, giving rise to a infinity of use cases.

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