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What we do and why you care

Money from excess data

Ever felt like your unlimited Internet access plan offers more than what you actually consume? BYTES enables you to sell to other users what you don't use.

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IOT Infastructure

We are shifting to a world of inter-connected objects. Cars, home appliances, will need access to the Internet. The current paradigm needs to evolve to a Machine to Machine (M2M) Internet Access Market.

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Cheap(er) Internet access

Ever felt like roaming while travelling is a tad too expensive? BYTES enables you to roam at a fraction of what you paid so far. And this, potentially anywhere.

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Why everyone should do it

A market in which people can sell/buy one another access to the Internet can overcome today's status quo.
Trade access to internet

Adapt supply to demand:

A P2P market gives consumers the incentive to become Individual ISPs (IISPs). This addresses the problem of contention of public Wi-Fi points at peak time, since larger crowds come with more sellers, not just more demand.

Move supply with demand:

It also motivates users to surrender some of their hand-held devices’ battery life and use these as mobile routers. Why not use the hotspot created by a fellow traveller, instead of trying to hop across networks during the entire bus ride?

Increase coverage:

Replacing proprietary solutions by an open protocol tackles the problem of fragmented, mutually exclusive, offerings. It allows any third party client app to interact with the protocol, giving rise to a infinity of use cases.

How we do it

Blockchain Based

The BYTES Protocol (BYP) is a blockchain based standard that informs and secures the buying and selling of Internet Access between individuals. Concretely, the BYP is a modular democratic DAO.

Open Standard

BYP is an open standard, with which competing third party applications (clients) can interact, rather than a closed system. From this, we expect applications to arise in fields as diverse as IoT, community-based initiatives, and mobile to mobile interactions.

Hardware Free and Mobile

To bootstrap this protocol, we start by proposing the BYTES Application (BAPP) to Android and IOS users. This enables users, with no additional hardware, to generate income by selling their excess data, or save money by avoiding roaming fees.

Decentralised and Resilient

The resulting App + Smart Contract construct is fully decentralised. The client application enables users to 1. connect locally (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) one with another, and 2. Interact with the Blockchain to transact. The resulting system is therefore fully decentralised. It is efficient (no intermediary) and resilient to external threats. None of this would be possible without the Blockchain.


Award Winning Development

  • Analysis of Public WLANs

    The proliferation of WiFi hotspots in public places should in theory enable ubiquitous Internet access. In practice, they suffer from extremely poor performance in terms of low goodput and severe delay. Our starting point was a technological study of the traffic characteristics of public WiFi networks. Read more

  • Lessons Learnt During Early Dev’ Iterations

    We went though multiple development iterations, analyzing the prototypes from a theoretical as well as a practical point of view, and getting feedback across the world. We moved from an implementation of Bitcoin Micropayment Channels to prototypes based on newer Blockchains. Read more

  • New token paradigm

    We introduce an architecture where the entire business logic is Blockchain contained. The result? A fully decentralized guarantee that profits flow to token holders and gives our tech stack an unparalleled degree of efficiency and resilience. Read more

Who we are

  • Sam
    Samuel Martinet
    Technology Lead
    Computer scientist, ex-researcher at Imperial College London. Early Bitcoin enthusiast, sharing economy adept. CoinTelegraph / Hackernoon contributor.
  • Phani
    Phani Pasupula
    Head of Product Development
    Lead software engineer, startup founder and serial hackathon winner. University of Edinburgh grad (MSc. Software Engineering).
  • Adrien
    Adrien Boukobza
    Android Developer
    Java and C++ Engineer. Adrien has won France Junior Championship twice. University of Imperial grad (MSc. Computer Science).
  • Marco Fernandez
    Test Engineer
    After working for the Six Group (Zürich) as a Senior Test Engineer, Marco built the AI semantic search backend for a crypto rating agency. Oxford (Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science) and Cambridge (Linguistics) grad.
  • Mayank Mohta
    A fresh CS graduate, Mayank helps with the development of a fancy User Interface.

Competitive Hacking

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By now, some of us even organise hackathons! See our Operations Lead volunteering at Angel Hack.

Community Involvement

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